About the book

The choice is yours—leave a strategy session with 60 pages of notes that will sit on a shelf, or with a visual map to hang on the wall for people to review, write on, show completed tasks and continue to track and share successes.

Picture Your Business Strategy combines visuals, words and metaphors with easy-to-use principles that transform teams, organizations and businesses. This book inspires leaders and their teams to create a strategy that gets used and generates the results you are looking for.

You will learn to use pictures to:
• Focus strategic initiatives to deliver what the business needs and employees want;
• Clarify and prioritize important business actions;
• Achieve alignment on internal and external matters;
• Maintain energy and momentum;
• Inspire people to act, track and measure progress and success.

Why Does Picturing Your Business Strategy Work?

We think in images before we think in words. When we draw images for strategy, we connect logic to creative. Drawing what we are thinking, drawing a complex idea, or putting something into images instead of words can help us see new opportunities.

Pictures help us see what is important and remember it in a way that a report does not.

Illustrating your strategy engages your team; you see better results when your team is engaged. When people work together to create a visual image of what matters to them, they develop a new sense of purpose, interest and focus.

You create a sense of camaraderie – a conspiracy to be successful.

We remove cultural barriers – whether organizational, ethnic or language barriers – when we work with images rather than words. Humans have always used images, signs, gestures and other visual ways to communicate. Picture Your Business Strategy teaches you how to capitalize on that principal.

Drawing provides an opportunity to create common ground. The cruder the drawing, the better. With a less perfect picture, all participants have the opportunity to see themselves in the image and stay engaged.