• Christine Chopyak, author of the best-seller Picture Your Business Strategy.

Whether you are developing and implementing strategy for a Fortune 500 Company, creating your own startup or teaching future business leaders, Picture Your Business Strategy is your go-to-resource for how to plan and execute great business ideas.

Using strategic illustration and simple design principles, Chris Chopyak inspires you to use illustrations to address business challenges and create business strategy that sticks.
Picture Your Business Strategy helps you to engage your business teams and create positive, lasting results, for small companies to global corporations.

There are so many practical, purposeful ways to use drawings in your everyday work environment, you’ll wonder why you never did it before. Most important, you and your team will learn how to turn strategic illustrations into real-world results.Seminar attendee

I admire your approach to visuals because I think it is really useful. Your book has been a great inspiration for me, I have been a UX Manager for years and and people have been coming to me to help them think or communicate their business messages. I find that the visuals help to focus those ideas.UX Manager / Graphic Facilitator

You don’t have to be an artist to Picture Your Business Strategy. Using simple illustrations lets you perfect the idea and not the image, erase emotional attachment and eliminate cultural barriers.

Picture Your Business Strategy is designed around 3 simple strategy principles anyone can use: Picture the Outcome, Capture Complexity and Create Possiblities

Pictures that YOU draw are the catalyst for breakthrough thinking!